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another small step.

just got closer to the full 3d in the browser (using current-gen tech), though bandwidth and performance needed still worries me.

i surely need to do some tests. but for now it all comes down to writing 2 pretty strange software renderers, wired up to each other – one on the server, intermediate results cache on frontend server, and another renderer in the browser. and for that i need to get the compiler finally usable. also the server could be hardware-accelerated, but putting the GPUs in the datacenter.. oh my. and i dont want to write separate code for HW acceleration, at least now – the videocards tend to evolve devilishly fast. better to think about what else can i cache?

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insooo November 20th, 2009
shameless achievement как-то не звучит. shameless self-promotion обычно. или?

wizzard0 November 20th, 2009
чаще всего я его вижу в значении shameless plug, но пост как-то великоват для plug'а :) хотя, да, коряво получилось.

wizzard0 November 20th, 2009

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