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Forged SSL Certificates Pervasive on the Internet

Оригинал взят у bruce_schneier в Forged SSL Certificates Pervasive on the Internet

About 0.2% of all SSL certificates are forged. This is the first time I've ever seen a number based on real data. News article:

Of 3.45 million real-world connections made to Facebook servers using the transport layer security (TLS) or secure sockets layer protocols, 6,845, or about 0.2 percent of them, were established using forged certificates.

Actual paper.

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nponeccop May 16th, 2014
А чё такое форжед (я не читал)? На что атака?

wizzard0 May 16th, 2014
любые случаи, где thumbprint в браузере != thumbprint на сервере.

большинство случаев - корпоративные DPI прокси.

sergiej May 16th, 2014
Дык NSA, работодатели

wizzard0 May 16th, 2014
Ну да

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