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Новое применение бесконечных архиваторов!

> Ian Goldberg followed with a talk not on bitcoin: “Convergent semanticaly secure encryption”. Elli’s paper yesterday pointed out that cloud servers would like to store single copies of files stored by multiple users, but government users want crypto to be semantically secure. That paper prompted Ian to think that you can use semantically secure encryption in such a way that you can tell if two files are the same. The trick is that semantically secure encryption doesn’t protect file length; so encode the data in the file length, and you’re done :-)

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mudasobwa May 1st, 2014
Ага, метод, старый, как мир. Не помню, говорил, или нет: я как-то заглянул в EXIF, который пишет инстаграм , а там — как в старые добрые времена, бинарный мусор везде, где можно.

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