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Подростки и виртуальная реальность.

Оригинал взят у vitus_wagner в Подростки и виртуальная реальность.

Еще одна статья про то, что подростки бегут в виртуальные миры (в частности социальные сети) потому что им не позволяют жить в реальном мире. Особенно дивны комментарии:

> anyway, the whole "must prevent any and all bad things from happening to my child" is the real problem. driving the kid 2 blocks to and from school, can't go to the local playground, just stay in the yard, or better yet, in your room mentality is what is preventing kids from figuring out how to live with others.

> When parents are scared to let kids go out and play, it's not just strangers they're worried about, it's busybodies (parents or otherwise) who cluck their tongues or even call the police on these "unsupervised children".

> however, what to do when my 8 year old walked down a 3 green lawns to say hi to the 7year old girl that lives there, and the girl's parents called the cops to make sure that this is ok with us.

"go play outside!" doesn't work with a kid who only wants to play with other kids, or failing that, his parents, of failing that, his game system. Outside does not have ANY of these things!

This is because we are not supposed to handle anything ourselves. we are supposed to use the authorities. my neighbor when i was a teen called the cops to tell me to turn my music down. big man afraid of a teen girl with a loud radio!

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