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Opera Mini: javascript debugging FAQ

The web is going mobile! And you've decided to catch the wave too.
Good. Well, until you have decided to support all those "dumb" phones...
(And Nintendo Wii, and some TVs)

At least, if you stick to Opera Mini, you will have proper Javascript, XHR, CSS and a lot of other goodies.
But you are inevitably going to debug all this stuff. Here's how:

Q: I am tired of switching to my phone. Is there an emulator?
A: Touch-enabled phones:
Keypad phones:

Q: Well, no good. Where are all the Javascript errors?
A: debug:console (You can bookmark this address, of course)

Q: How to view the page source code, then?
A: server:source

Q: But the screen is so tiny?
A: server:source?post=
If you go to this address on Opera Mini, your server will receive HTTP POST request with the following fields:

host: your website domain
url: page you are on
html: html source code ;)

For more information, see:

Hope this will be useful to somebody :)

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murkt February 14th, 2012
зацени weinre

wizzard0 February 14th, 2012
у меня есть Palm Pre (с webOS 1.4.5), Dell Venue Pro (с Windows Phone 7.5) и LG GX200 (с Opera Mini)

я проверил, он ничего из этого как debug target не поддерживает :)

murkt February 14th, 2012
Жаль... Мне помогло. На третьей вебоси работает, кстати.

wizzard0 February 14th, 2012
Ну weinre действительно хорошая штука, просто AFAIK он никак не пересекается с плоскостью "dumb phones", заявленной в посте :)

murkt February 14th, 2012
Честно признаюсь, что пост проглядел наискосок и не вчитывался :)

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